Americka jurisprudencija XX veka


  • Zajednica naroda Evrope i univerzalne evropske vrednosti
  • Americka jurisprudencija XX veka
The European Union of Nations and Universal Values


“It’s nice to be here in Sremski Karlovci.

It is obviously for me and my capacity as Swedish ambassador to Serbia a great honour and privilege to be able to participate at the opening of this very important seminar. I salute to the organizer, the Novi Sad Association of Ethics and Theory of Law to have asked me to take this important position.

Clearly, to all of us, the rule of law is the fundament on which any functioning and progressive society must stand. That is sometimes easier said than done. In order to create a state rule of law, you have to have a collective consensus to establish jurisprudence, a legal framework that all citizens not only accept but also believe in. To create such a consensus is clearly much more difficult to do in a society that has been under tremendous stress, wars, sanctions, loss of territory, loss of self-confidence, as is the case of Serbia. But when we started this road, it’s very obvious to me as a lawyer myself, that you need two things. You need to start with a sound theoretical basis and you need to reach out to the youth – which I believe you are doing.

Today’s seminar focuses on Swedish or Scandinavian jurisprudence – and what I believe is called in English, legal realism. One of the leading authorities in Scandinavia in this field is professor Jess Bjarup of Stockholm University. In fact, I believe he is the leading authority. So, it is my great pleasure to welcome you and to announce that it has been a great privilege to sponsor this seminar.

Finally, I should say we are doing this in a context. It’s not just a seminar like this – it is namely a vision that Serbia is taking solid, quick steps towards the European Union. This is the vision of my country, and in order to realize this vision, we want to support you, and building common values is a key factor here.

So, with these words, I wish you a very successful day, a very productive day.

Thank you very much.”